Welcome to The Force Beyond, a campaign set in the Star Wars universe and powered by the Fantasy Flight Game narrative dice system.
Our journey begins on the remote and long forgotten planet Weik. A desperate Republic colonial hive-ship landed on this world thousands of years ago. Without hope of return they settled down on this wild planet and endeavoured to kindle a new civilisation. The settlers’ children would soon forget the true story of their origin, they would separate and regroup into various houses and clans, and thus reenact the story of civilisations through war, marriage, competition, adaptation and change… The technological wonders that did last are now regarded as magical. As generations past, the people reinvented for themselves a set of believes in tune with this particular reality. Planet Weik’s fantastic mountains, immense forests and bursting rivers are filled with a tremendous Living Force. Beings sensitive to the Force can feel it as running rivers of energy flowing through the world like wind rumbling down the valleys. This have drawn the people toward various forms of shamanism, magical practices and all sorts of wizardries. Hence to the eyes an “outsider” of the Rebellion Era, the Force at play in the people of Weik is outrageously apparent. The Force is universally accepted but viewed as magic. Madland_Vergence_.jpg Kato the Jedi, millenas old, lives in a cave deep and high up in the Ordan Spine mountains. …………..WORK IN PROGRESS………

The Force Beyond

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