PC 2 (Republic Jedi Exiled Wanderer)


Suggested species: Human, Togruta, Nautolan, Twi’lek, Devaronian…

Maybe the last caretaker of the Acablas Ruins on Auratera,
or away on a diplomatic assignment on a remote system, or an exploration/recon mission in the unknown regions,
however, he survived order 66 and lives either a rogue life in the underworld, or is an hermit of the wild, or under the cover of a diplomate or trader of sort.

Probably begins the game with +200<400Xp and 10k credits extra.


After following a mystic call coming from Wild Space emptiness, PC2 bought from smuggler Kamir (or PC3?) the coordinates to the remote and forgotten planet Weik.

PC 2 (Republic Jedi Exiled Wanderer)

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